Want to Quickly Become Mythic? Don’t Push Rank at This Time or Hour!

Want to Quickly Become Mythic? Don’t Push Rank at This Time or Hour!

Playing MOBA games like Mobile Legends certainly requires strategy. It’s not just a matter of thinking about the tactics that must be taken in the game, you also need to think about what’s outside the game to win. Among several things that must be considered, the selection of playing time is one of the most crucial. Don’t forget to use compte lol unranked to achieve your goals. Your goal to carefully choose the time to play is only one, which is to avoid child players or casual players. Players like this usually come from among students or children whose flight hours are still minimal. Their purpose of playing is sometimes just to fill their spare time or find fun. So, don’t be surprised if they mess up because they didn’t mean to be serious from the start.

Have you found it difficult to rank up in the last few weeks? Boro-boro ranking up, just getting a star is hard to die for. If your answer is yes, don’t be surprised if you keep losing. You see, one of the most dangerous times for push rank is the start of a new season. As you know, Mobile Legends has just entered Season 18. At the beginning of this season, all players who had previously gone up to Mythic returned to Legend or Epic. That is, Mythic players who have the ability and a wealth of experience will both struggle to get back up in rank. This is where the bloody struggle begins because all players are on-fire for push rank. The competition will be even again so that the chances of winning are not as big as in the middle of the season or at the end of the season.

In addition, at the beginning of this season, many players use the services of a jockey to increase their ranking. Playing solo rank also feels like hell because jockey players will work hard here. Even without meeting a jockey, the opportunity to meet other players from the lower tiers is still there.

For some people, especially workers, holidays are heaven. However, it is different from the “star chasers” in Mobile Legends. This moment can potentially be a blunder for push rank. Because, during this long holiday, child players are at their best.

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