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Why Testosterone Is Important For Men

Why Testosterone Is Important For Men

The testosterone hormone is generally always identified with men. For example, it is known as a hormone that affects libido, muscle mass formation, resistance to energy levels, to changes in secondary sex characteristics in men at puberty. For example, the sound will change to become heavier. Even so, the hormone testosterone also has various roles in a woman’s body. Experts say this hormone is also produced naturally in a woman’s body. ┬áThis hormone will increase during puberty and reach a peak when a man is around 20 years old. Now, when age has entered the head three, this hormone level will decrease by about one percent each year. That is why you could use alphaviril to boost testosterone production in the body because this particular hormone is very beneficial, especially for men.

1. Reducing stomach fat and increase attractiveness. A man’s waistline is not only influenced by food because this condition can also be influenced by levels of this hormone. According to experts, testosterone hormone therapy for a man can affect the waist circumference. Said a professor of medicine and oncology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States, most of the research showed a reduction in the amount of stomach fat in men who were given testosterone. According to studies from Wayne State University, the United States, high hormone levels in the body can make men more attractive in the eyes of women.

2. Influencing the reproductive system. When a man becomes a teenager, automatically the production of this hormone will increase in the body. Well, this is what drives the formation and further changes to the penis and the testes. At this time, the testes will produce sperm every day in large quantities. Conversely, when testosterone levels in the body are low, chances are men can experience erectile dysfunction.

3. Sexual desires. When the formation of the penis and testicles change, men who are teenagers will also experience the existence of sexual pressure or sexual desire. Increased testosterone will also cause changes in the body and muscles of men. Experts say, at this time they will get sexual stimulation, even sexual activity. Well, these two things can make the levels of testosterone produced increase.

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