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You Need These Tips If You Install Light Steel Roof Frame

You Need These Tips If You Install Light Steel Roof Frame

Mild steel is high-quality steel that is light and thin, but its strength is not inferior to conventional steel. Mild steel is usually used in factory buildings or other. As for commercial needs, the lightweight steel roof truss is the right choice. In the case of the installation of a lightweight steel roof truss, it should be noted that when cutting, drilling, welding or scratching occurs, the affected surface will be susceptible to rust, so it needs further handling. Aside from that, you may also hire the Deputy Inspector Santa Ana CA if you need experts to evaluate the result of your steel construction project.

When installing lightweight steel roof truss (galvalume) things must be done, such as:

Must make horse-block as mainframe and gorging.

After installing the horse-block, then install battens. Battens are the binder of horse-block and also gorging with its position transverse just above the horse-block and recording.

The horse-block and chords will be tied with battens so that later they will form a strong and sturdy frame.

Of the three things, there are things that should be avoided when we use mild steel:

Mild steel must be protected from cement water or cement dough because it will produce a chemical reaction and can damage the stainless steel layer on the surface of the mild steel.

Avoid from rainy and hot weather, because the weather is slow the sea will reduce the durability of the stainless steel coating on steel.

A liquid and acidic solution are very reactive when in contact with a mild steel surface, so keep the mild steel away from the acid solution because it will cause the stainless steel layer on the mild steel to peel and be able to instantly rust.

Avoid scratching work tools, when there are scratches on steel, the steel will automatically connect directly with oxygen. The oxidation process between oxygen and steel chemicals is what causes rust.

When the process of installing a lightweight steel roof truss, the tips are to place mild steel in a closed space that is protected from sunlight and rain. Stop the steel construction when the rainy season begins to arrive.

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