3 Effective Ways to Treat Folliculitis!

3 Effective Ways to Treat Folliculitis!

Folliculitis is a common skin disease that affects children and adults most often.
However, this condition rarely appears in children aged 2 years and under.

This skin problem can be treated by reducing the risk factors.
Always consult a doctor for more information.

In general, mild folliculitis goes away with home remedies within two weeks.
However, there are various options for treating clogged hair follicles condition that doctors usually recommend as follows.

1. Drugs

If you have a mild infection, your doctor will usually give you an antibiotic cream, lotion, or gel.
In severe cases, you will be prescribed oral antibiotics, the dose of which is adjusted according to the severity of the condition.

If you have folliculitis due to a yeast infection, anti-fungal creams, shampoo products, and pills will usually be used.
This type of drug is used according to the severity of the condition and the location of the inflamed follicles.

In addition to controlling fungal and bacterial infections, there are creams and pills that doctors prescribe to reduce inflammation.
The drugs chosen are usually steroid creams and pills to treat inflammation and relieve symptoms of itching.

2. Minor surgery

Not only drugs, but doctors will also recommend minor surgery if the lump is large enough.

This procedure by making a small incision aims to drain the pus in it.
That way, the pain will be reduced and recovery will be faster.

3. Laser hair removal

This laser therapy can be used to reduce the number of inflamed hair follicles.
In addition, laser hair removal also helps remove hair follicles so that treatment in inflamed areas is maximized.

Although fairly effective, this therapy requires repeated treatments and has side effects such as:

– skin color changes,
– scars, and
– blistered skin.

Each treatment option that the doctor recommends depends on the condition and type of folliculitis being experienced.

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