3 Workplace Harassment Types

3 Workplace Harassment Types

Workplace harassment can take many forms, and it does not always look the same. Knowing the various forms of denuncia por acoso laboral can help you recognize it when it occurs to you or a coworker.

1. Harassment verbally

Verbal harassment can be a never-ending battle that endangers your health and career. It includes derogatory remarks, offensive gestures, and unreasonable criticism. It can include insults, slurs, inappropriate jokes, and hurtful remarks.

Even though such behavior can have a negative psychological impact on the victim and result in outcomes like depression, high blood pressure, and anxiety, Chris Chancey, founder and CEO of Amplio Recruiting, said that it is frequently perceived as a case of personality conflict and not as harassment.

2. Psychological harassment

Psychological harassment is comparable to verbal harassment, but it is more covert and consists of exclusionary strategies, including withholding facts or gaslighting. According to Chancey, these behaviors are meant to mentally debilitate the victim, undermine their self-worth, and chip away at their confidence.

It may not seem like harassment, but actions like taking credit for someone else’s success, placing unreasonable demands on a specific employee, forcing them to perform humiliating tasks outside of their job description, or persistently disagreeing with everything someone says can be a form of psychological bullying, according to the expert.

3. Digital harassment (cyberbullying)

Even while digital harassment takes place online, it can be just as destructive as in-person abuse. It is the newest kind of harassment that occurs across various channels.

Social media has become ubiquitous in the workplace, and with the discussion of forbidden issues becoming more acceptable, Chancey claimed that it is now easy for anyone to digitally harass others easily given the availability of internet-connected devices in the office.

To monitor the situation, Garvin suggested capturing screenshots, archiving emails on your personal computer, and keeping a dossier of everything that makes you uncomfortable.

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