A more in-depth review of the 5-inch Moony Baby screen which is equipped with two good quality cameras

A more in-depth review of the 5-inch Moony Baby screen which is equipped with two good quality cameras

If you are not calm enough to only hear the sound, this 2-way baby monitor with large 5-inch screen size is perfect for those of you who always want to see your baby alone in his room. Designed with a color LCD that also features night vision infrared, this product is able to show real-time video and your child’s voice. Read more about it at babybestbrand.com

This product has a variety of features that describe the level of sound activity in the room, a temperature sensor to ensure the temperature in the room, and a strong wireless range to keep you connected with your baby. With split-screen technology, you can also buy your children in different rooms. Two cameras mounted to the monitor are one of the features provided by this moon baby monitor system, which makes it easier for you to not have to bother to install the camera into another room when you want to use your baby. By using the scan mode or mode to see the display related to the camera use of this product can be your right solution, with the two features of this camera will make it easier for you to see your baby more easily from any side. This monitor from Moonybaby can connect up to 4 cameras. Not only a good camera from this product but other features provided by this product are also of high quality such as the monitor system of the moon baby is equipped with wireless digital that is useful for providing connections and security cameras and monitors. A good signal that will make you comfortable while working while watching your baby either upstairs or downstairs.

There is also a talk button. With this feature, you can talk directly through the video camera with your baby when you need you. Also features a long-lasting battery or power-saving mode. You can also zoom in to see more clearly your baby on the monitor screen.

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