Alex Saab Case And Political Innovation

Alex Saab Case And Political Innovation

The Cape Verde government received an extradition request from a Colombian businessman named Alex Saab who is on the run over a corruption scandal. It is because Cape Verde Regime Holding Alex Saab and Saab is one of the people who are known to be close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro had previously asked the Cape Verde government to be willing to extradite Saab to Venezuela. But this news will make Maduro bite the finger and let his ally be punished in the United States. The extradition decision for Alex Saab was made by the Cape Verde Constitutional Court on August 13. This follows the West African country’s Constitutional Court’s decision to reject all appeals made by Saab since several months ago so as not to be extradited.

Since 2019, the Miami Federal Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that Alex Saab was involved in criminal acts of money laundering. In addition, Saab is suspected of being involved in bribery cases of more than US$350 million in a project to deal with poor families in Venezuela. Following the news of Alex Saab’s extradition to the US, this is good news for the United States Government. Because since the Donald Trump administration, the extradition of Alex Saab has become a top priority and the US even sent the Navy military to West African waters to monitor the businessman.

But Cape Verde’s reputation might be at stake for doing America’s dirty work. US officials think they have the authority to prosecute people to enforce international sanctions. That is why Americans need to try to use political innovation. The urgency of innovation is so high, unfortunately, not all forms of institutions that are close to the public are sufficiently aware of the tightness of today’s world. The executive and the legislature are often the culprits of slow prosperity, the fact is that in our own country, we often stutter on innovation and disruption is finally slow to change, and surprised by the change, our welfare is only like this. Of course, if we only rely on the executive or the government today, it will never be enough. Universal innovation is needed. Democratic innovation always involves the public, is free of cost, benefit-based, and sometimes without patents.

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