Apple Decide To Replace Lightning Port In iPhone

Apple Decide To Replace Lightning Port In iPhone

Apple took quite a lot of big decisions this year. After they’ve decided to discontinue iMac Pro production, now they make another bold move by replacing the lightning port in iPhone. Recently, reports circulated that Apple will replace the Lightning port on the iPhone. However, the company formed by Steve Jobs still insists on not replacing the Lightning port with USB Type-C. Citing information from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is considering using a three-pin MagSafe charger. Additionally, if this bold move Apple inspires you to buy their stock index in NASDAQ100, then we recommend you go to to get in touch with Brokers who specialize in the NAS100 Index.

One of the pins is round, while the others are flat. From the patent image, it seems that this charger will be used for iPhones. Because it is equipped with a magnet, the charger can be easily installed or removed from the device. Therefore, the new charger patent is superior to the Lightning port that Apple currently carries for its iPhone products.

There will still be an iPhone 13 Mini in 2021

Regarding the news of the new iPhone, Apple is said to be releasing the successor series for the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 13 mini. Even though it is a flagship smartphone, the iPhone 12 Mini is not selling well in the market. According to the latest reports, the company will still release the iPhone 13 Mini in 2021.

Apple’s decision

However, it is also known that the decision to stop the production of the iPhone 12 Mini does not mean that the company will stop selling it. The reason is, Apple could reproduce the iPhone 12 Mini at any time. There is also a possibility that the reason Apple has stopped producing the iPhone 12 Mini is that the company may have already reached its demand target for the iPhone 12 Mini.

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