Best Hanging Flower Baskets

Best Hanging Flower Baskets

The intimacy of plants with tiny or fragrant blooms to our senses is maximized from a lofty vantage point. Some hanging flower baskets even draw butterflies or hummingbirds, allowing you to observe wildlife behavior up close on your porch, deck, or patio.

Begonia 1
Begonias can serve as a plant substitute for those who do not have the ideal climate to cultivate finicky fuchsias. The tubular, pendulous flowers of the half-hardy Begonia boliviensis are similar to those of fuchsias, but they can withstand the heat and humidity of southern summers. The totally double Mocca series of tuberous begonias, which resemble roses, also looks fantastic in hanging baskets.

2. Fuchsia
It is impossible for gardeners in regions with chilly, rainy summers to pass up the chance to grow this magnificent, sensitive perennial that prefers shade. Fuchsias in hanging baskets will retain their beauty with a little more effort. Daily misting, frequent fertilization and diligent deadheading all have positive effects on the plants.

Lantana 3.
Common lantana may be somewhat of a thug in areas without frost, developing into a wild, woody shrub that climbs fences and takes over flowerbeds. However, the lantana’s colorful flower clusters, which draw butterflies and hummingbirds, offer consistent tropical color over a long growing season. For your hanging baskets, use a little weeping variety like “Patriot Popcorn” or “Patriot Rainbow.” If lantana grows too vigorously where you live, pick a sterile kind that doesn’t produce berries with seeds.

4. Lobelia
Considering that Lobelia erinus does well in temperate temperatures, it is preferable to think of it as a spilling seasonal plant for the first few weeks of spring. A swath of electric-blue blooms with striking white throats will be strewn throughout your hanging basket, attracting butterflies. Put a million bells, lantana, or another heat-loving plant in their place around the end of June, and don’t waste time attempting to pamper the plants.

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