Cooking Tips With Air Fryer

Cooking Tips With Air Fryer

No one can deny the delicacy of hot fried food with a savory and crispy taste on the outside. Unfortunately, because it contains a lot of fried oil is often avoided. We also can not avoid how to cook this one, so a few years ago came the trend of frying with air fryer. Actually the commercial air Fryer is a frying tool with no or little oil. Thus, the saturated fat content in foods can be reduced by 80 percent rotaryana.

The original appearance resembles a small oven that you can put on the kitchen table just like that. You can make from potatoes, chicken, rissoles, tofu, tempeh, fish, vegetables, and much more. Air fryer is also the right choice of healthy cooking utensils especially when you have to stay at home like now.

1. Don’t put too much material
It’s best not to put too much food in the fryer basket. Because if it’s too full, then the food can be dry and hard. Conversely, inserting food ingredients at a rather tenuous distance will make the surface of the material to be fried can be crisper.

2. Add a little oil spread
Although the purpose of cooking with an air fryer is to avoid oil, but it’s good to give a little, just as a spread to avoid food ingredients do not stick. Especially when frying slightly wet food, it is usually easy to stick to the surface of the air fryer basket. To be healthier, you can spread olive oil or low-fat coconut oil. Simply smeared with brushes.

3. Go back and forth food to cook evenly
It is better to fry with a frying pan, when you use the air fryer you also need to flip through the food or shake the machine a little. This is so that the ingredients are perfectly cooked on all sides.

4. Cover with aluminum foil or baking paper
Before placing food ingredients, you can also provide a base such as aluminum foil sheets or baking paper first. This method will make it easier for you when cleaning the air fryer later. Also, make sure the food is heavy enough to hold a layer of aluminum foil or parchment paper so it doesn’t fly when the frying process starts because the power of the fryer wind is strong enough.

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