Do You Know How To Survive In The Wild During The Summer Season?

Do You Know How To Survive In The Wild During The Summer Season?

How to survive in the jungle without being fully equipped in summer? Finding themselves face-to-face with nature in the jungle during the warm season, the missing person has a rather high chance of waiting for help or remaining unharmed as he exits the situation. If you don’t have to wait for help, then you have to find a way on your own. You have to look around and try to find your trail. With them, you can return to square one. If such actions do not produce the desired results, you need to calm down and think about your next move. Additionally, it’s better if you bring a suitable survival gear before exploring the wild, and you can Find Out More about it on a popular store.


The first thing a person needs is water. So, you need to find a parking space near the source, if not found, you can use the dew collection on the large foliage of the plant.


Fire will be needed to warm up at night and as a deterrent maneuver against predators. Without being suitable for breeding it will be difficult. If you have glasses with a magnifying glass, you can take dry moss or grass and use the glass to direct sunlight onto this dry substrate. When lit, add small dry chips, and then larger firewood. Without glass, the option to produce a fire that the ancient people used will help.

You will need a large, dry log and a flat log that is comfortable to roll between your palms. You will also need dry moss or grass and rocks with sharp edges.


How to survive in the forest without food from home? Without the skills of a hunter, it will be very difficult to kill game animals with the help of improvised means. However, you can always eat berries and mushrooms in the summer, but how do you know which ones to eat? What do strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries look like, many know, but you need to be careful with other gifts from the forest, useful observations here? Having found a bush with fruits, you need to pay attention to the birds, if they peck at the fruit, then the fruits can be eaten.

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