Gives Cats Mental Stimulation

Gives Cats Mental Stimulation

Play with the cat regularly. Make sure you have a regular play schedule several times a day. Cats are sprinters, not marathon runners, three or four sessions of about five to ten minutes in length are better than one 20-minute session. Provide a small fur stick, toy mouse, or even a piece of string (cats will never get bored playing with them). Wiggle the fur stick as high as your cat. Throw the toy rat and watch the cat grapple with it. Grab the end of the string and run around the house or just shake the string or you can use the cat running wheel.

Don’t think that a cat doesn’t want to play just because it likes naps. Cats are hunters which means they have periods of lazing interspersed with hunting activity. Just because cats love to sleep doesn’t mean they don’t need the mental stimulation that comes from smelling mice, stalking, and catching them. Many behavioral problems such as littering the house, scratching at something, or aggression towards other pets are caused by boredom and frustration. Make sure to provide some interesting objects that the cat can play with.

Give the cat a view outside the house. Make sure the place has high perches and windows. This will entertain the cat with the view outside as well as to satisfy the cat’s need for high ground, as cats are natural tree climbers. If you live in an apartment, make sure your balcony is safe for cats and that it will not fall off the railing. You may consider fencing off the balcony so that the cat can pay attention to the environment without risking injury. Also, make sure every window is secure and out of the way for cats. Check the barriers to make sure the area is secure and undamaged so the cat can’t sneak out when you’re not looking.

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