Guitar Preamp Pedal Guide

Guitar Preamp Pedal Guide

In addition to general information about these types of effects pedals, we’ll also cover some specific models like the preamp for SM7B in detail to help you decide which one is best for you.

So how do you choose a good preamp and why would you want to get one?

What is a Guitar Preamp Pedal?
You can use a preamp pedal to get a clean volume boost (not distorted as opposed to getting or moving the pedal) and combine that with EQ capabilities. They are placed in the signal chain after the guitar and before the amplifier.

When you use a preamp pedal, you can easily make quick volume and EQ changes to your original guitar sound, achieving the distinct tone of your amp.
The pedal preamp includes a volume boost section, an EQ section, and in some cases, additional functions unique to each pedal.

The volume gain section is often a single knob that controls how much the instrument signal is amplified, and the EQ section often consists of three knobs that can cut or boost low, medium, and high frequencies, respectively.

Why is this pedal specifically on the list?
I’ve chosen this pedal as the best you can buy because it comes from an iconic and reliable company, has a simple user interface, and gives a special take on the preamp concept by adding unique extra features. They represent the diversity of possibilities and applications offered by this understated type of pedal.

Trusted manufacturer
Making effects pedals can be a relatively easy market. There are small boutiques that employ only a few people, all the way up to large corporations. Both make great pedals, but there are pros and cons to each model.

While the companies that make the pedals in this article operate on different levels, all of them have been around for years and have a good reputation for making quality products.

Intuitive User Interface
If you’ve purchased a multi-effects processor before, you’ll know what I’m talking about here. The great advantage that single effects pedals have over multi-effects, is that they are very easy to use with just a few buttons you need to operate them.

If you know and understand what each one does, it will be very easy to get the desired result.
If you’re new to this type of effect and aren’t sure how the pedals work, it’s easy and fun to turn the knobs a bit and hear how they change your sound.
In the end, though, achieving a sound you love is great!

Each pedal here offers a unique set of bonus functions, such as additional reverb options, or features such as an electronic tuner, or XLR out for more flexibility on stage or at home.

This gives each of these pedal preamps the ability to play at least one more role in your rig, apart from being a preamp.

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