Have You Understood These SEO Indicators?

Have You Understood These SEO Indicators?

The first indicator in SEO that must be considered is the creation of the correct URL structure and according to the topic discussed. In addition, make sure to also create permalinks or slugs that contain the main keyword from your web content page. If you hire the best SEO company, such an indicator will always be managed by the marketing seo you’ve hired without any problem. SEO also help you business to growth marketing.

Then, since 2014, Google has prioritized websites that use SSL/TLS. With SSL, it can improve the security of user data because it has been encrypted when the data transfer process occurs on the website. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are very important in optimizing websites. You should check out the URL to know whether it’s using SSL./TSL or not. If the website is still using HTTP, then it doesn’t have SSL/TSL. However, if you have proof of certification, then your URL will start with HTTPS.

After doing some preparation related to URL structure and SSL/TLS, the next step is to determine the topic you want to master. To get interesting content, with great traffic, we recommend doing keyword research to get more detailed information that is relevant to your business.

The next indicator is to determine the search intent first. Search intent is something like a division between your business goals and keywords. There are at least four types of search intents, including:

– Informational, for the need to provide a wide variety of topic information.
– Navigational, to direct keywords to the company/brand name directly.
– Commercial Investigation, for commercial needs and comparing two products.
– Transactional, namely keywords that are used for needs and increase business conversion value.

Next, create a good content structure and by the principles of good article writing. In general, it will use the 5W + 1H principle. Don’t forget to create a heading structure, add images, videos or infographics to support the content you create.

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