How Florists Preserve Flowers for a Longer period

How Florists Preserve Flowers for a Longer period

At Gogo Florist, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in extending the life of their floral arrangements. Here are some techniques from gogo florists expert we employ to keep our bouquets looking stunning for days or even weeks after they have been delivered:

Florist working on flower arrangement among the flower

Freshness is Important: Flowers stay longer when they are more recently picked. Therefore, florists carefully select reliable growers and wholesalers to guarantee their flowers are as fresh as possible.

Careful processing eliminates wilted or broken blooms after the flowers arrive at the florist’s shop. The stems are then pruned and submerged in water to maintain their moisture.

Water and nutrition: Flowers need water to stay fresh, and florists supplement the water with fertilizers to keep the blooms alive. The growth of germs that can cause the flowers to wilt can be halted by changing the water every few days.

Temperature Control: As flowers age more slowly in chilly environments, florists keep their bouquets in refrigerators or cool rooms.

Humidity: To prevent their petals from drying out, some flowers, like roses, prefer a greater humidity. Florists employ humidity-controlled refrigerators to preserve the optimal climate for these delicate blossoms.

Florists use floral foam for arrangements that need much support, including centerpieces or substantial installations. This foam helps the flowers stay longer by retaining water and holding the stems in place.

After arranging the flowers, they must be transported correctly to avoid damage. Florists utilize specialized vehicles and packaging to protect the arrangements from damage and keep them from moving around while being transported.

We at Gogo Florist are proud of our capacity to produce beautiful floral arrangements that endure. We assist our clients in getting the most enjoyment out of their flowers by utilizing our skill and knowledge in flower maintenance. We can help you extend the life of your flowers, whether you’re searching for a stunning bouquet for a special occasion or a durable centerpiece for your home.

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