How To Clean Carpet Thoroughly

How To Clean Carpet Thoroughly

Fur carpet is one type of carpet that is currently in great demand. Although much in demand, this type of carpet is often problematic because the fur fibers from the carpet are easily detached and the feathers fall out easily so that it dirtied the floor. Another problem that arises is that the fur on this type of carpet tends to easily store dust. Seeing this, of course, it takes some special tips in caring for this carpet. To make sure it is cleaned thoroughly you could use the service of The Hills Carpet Cleaning.

In general, many people and families put a carpet in the living room or family room. The carpet is often used as a playmat for children, a lying mat when watching TV, or a mat when relaxing together with family members. Laying the carpet in any room is not a problem, the problem is when placing the carpet in an area adjacent to doors, windows, or other ventilation holes. Why is that? Remember, all types of carpets, especially shaggy rugs, are very susceptible to dust. Now if the carpet is placed near the door or window, then the dust can stick more to the carpet fur. Therefore this carpet should be placed in the right place.

Routine Cleaning. For this type of carpet, the right way to clean is enough to use a vacuum cleaner. Occasionally use a soft brush if dirt or stains that stick to the carpet are stubborn. Do not carelessly use an anti-stain carpet cleaner that is easily found on the market, make sure the product is high quality and safe for your carpet fibers. If your carpet is used frequently, you can clean it once a week. But if your rugs are rarely used, you can clean them every two weeks. For routine maintenance, you can clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner, and continue with drying. After washing the carpet, do not forget to dry the carpet until it is completely dry. Carpets that are still wet are prone to mold.

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