How to Clean Ceramic Nat

How to Clean Ceramic Nat

Everyone knows what ceramic is, but apparently not many people know what ceramic grout is or how to clean ceramic grout properly. Almost all interiors in the house are in contact with ceramics. However, you often overlook the presence of grout, that is, the gap between ceramic connections. Grout lines easily collect dirt and stains, making them change color from white to black. If you need regrouting a bathroom, you can contact us.

If the color has changed to become dull, the ceramic floor will look dirty and unsightly. Then, how to clean the most appropriate ceramic grout? Although it sounds difficult to do, but actually how to clean ceramic grout is very easy to do. Here are some ways to clean ceramic grout that you can try.

1. Perform the Initial Cleaning
Before you start to apply further cleaning ceramics grout, cleaning ceramics regularly is important. Try a ceramic broom or rag to get rid of the pile of dust on the ceramic. This method is effective to make the top layer of dirt in ceramics disappear and will make it easier for you to clean the grout later.

2. Use Cleaning Products
The second way to clean ceramic grout is of course by using cleaning products. Apply or spray the grout cleaning product you have until it covers all parts of the grout that you want to clean. You may need to apply or spray several times cleaning products for stubborn dirt. The use of this cleanser is sufficient along the sidelines of the ceramic. Start with a small area and let the solution soak for 3-5 minutes.

3. Begin Rubbing
The third way to clean ceramic grout is by scrubbing using a brush. Use a brush that is rather coarse and stiff to clean the grout. If you don’t have a special brush, you can use a used toothbrush with upright bristles. Rub vigorously to remove impurities from the inside between the tiles. If the grout still looks dirty, you can add cleaning fluid and rub it again.

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