How to Overcome Tooth Pain Due to the Right Sensitive Teeth

How to Overcome Tooth Pain Due to the Right Sensitive Teeth

Tooth pain due to sensitive teeth can be caused by tooth abrasion, tooth erosion, wrinkled gums, gum disease, habit of grinding teeth or bruxism, cracked teeth, and teeth whitening. Sensitive teeth can be overcome by using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, fluoride, dental care, fillings, and dental protectors. If you have sensitive teeth, you don’t need to be confused. Various ways to overcome toothache due to this condition can be done easily. You can do it yourself, or with treatment by a dentist who is a recommendation from dental seo.

Have you ever felt toothache even though your teeth looked fine and not cavities? It could be, you have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can make simple activities like brushing your teeth, eating hot foods and cold drinks, uncomfortable.

How to deal with tooth pain due to sensitive teeth, will be effective if done according to the initial cause. Recognizing the cause of sensitive teeth will also help you to avoid some bad habits, which can make your teeth ache even more. The following are the causes of sensitive teeth that you need to recognize, one of which is tooth abrasion, which is the thinning of the outermost layer of the tooth or enamel caused by mechanical forces, one of which is brushing teeth that are too hard. The thinning enamel exposes the underlying layer, the dentin. In fact, dentin is a layer that is very sensitive to painful stimuli such as cold or hot food or drinks to wind gusts.

With age, the gums in the oral cavity can change or shrink. This causes the part of the tooth that should be covered by the gums to open. In fact, this part is very sensitive to painful stimuli. The habit of grinding teeth or bruxism, can make the enamel thinner. If not treated immediately, over time the dentin will open and the teeth will become sensitive. Materials used in teeth whitening or bleaching procedures, for some people can make teeth sensitive. So, this procedure is generally not recommended to be done too often.

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