How to Record Phone Screen

How to Record Phone Screen

How to record the phone screen for some things is still needed. Starting from important things, to just making status. For example, recording gaming activities, making video tutorials, or recording videos. Recording the phone screen is quite easy because phone devices have provided a built-in feature to record the phone screen. How to record a cellphone screen with phone’s default features is also quite easy. Here’s how to record your cellphone screen so you can get the best results and it’s easy to share. For free screen recorder windows 10, you can get on our website. For those of you who use an Android cellphone, iPhone, or use a screen recorder application, read how to record a cellphone screen below:

To get a screenshot or screenshot, you can get it without using an application. You also sometimes need to record a cellphone screen for several purposes such as showing playing games, making video tutorials for a phone application, for example, or recording video shows.

The screenshot feature is not enough to be able to produce screen recordings. Your android phone can also record your cellphone screen without the need to download an application. You only need to activate the feature to record the cellphone screen to be able to record the cellphone screen as you want.

How to record the Android version 9+ phonescreen without an application as follows:

Open settings on your android phone.
Look for the “screen recorder” feature or screen recorder and then touch it.
Options will appear on the screen with sound or mute, media sound or microphone sound.
After selecting the sound according to your wishes or needs, then touch start recording.
A new menu will appear that each brand of Android phone is different.
When you have finished recording, touch the stop on the screen.
You have seen the recordings stored in the gallery of your android cellphone.

For iPhone users, you can also use the iPhone’s built-in features to record the phone screen. Here’s how to record a cellphone screen with the iPhone’s built-in features:

Users of iOS 14 or later iOS version, you go to settings.
Then open the control center.
Then, tap the + button next to screen recording.
Touch and hold the gray record button, then click the microphone.
Tap start recording and wait for three seconds.
Once you’ve recorded enough, tap the red status bar at the top of the screen and tap stop.

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