Maintenance And Repair To Ensure Productivity

Maintenance And Repair To Ensure Productivity

Like the human body, machines also need regular maintenance. Maintenance of factory machines requires maintenance from operator c and sufficient insight so that the risk of damage due to disassembly can be prevented due to definite ignorance. Until now, there are still many users who are stubborn because they ignore maintenance. The reason is that they are lazy so there is no time to provide periodic maintenance. Maintenance is the main key so that engine spare parts are not easily damaged, both pumps, filters, and others.

The smooth running of a company’s productivity is almost 100% supported by optimal machines. When the production machine is used continuously, then of course the chance of hydraulic damage can occur at any time. Well, as a user or user, you should understand to prevent the above opportunities so that production can continue. Before starting to do machine maintenance, you should prepare the following things; Operation manual, Maintenance instruction manual, Machine history card, Parts requisition list, Inspection card, Daily activity log, Damage records, etc. These records will be of great help in determining planning and decisions to be taken.

It feels very mandatory to carry out an overall engine inspection. Although there are no signs of damage, during this inspection, you may find loose bolts or seals, brittle hose conditions, and dirty filters. Therefore, try to replace each component according to the schedule that has been made and should be done by a knowledgeable technician. Check engine lubrication so that the engine works optimally. Over time, the condition of the fluid or oil quality can decrease due to corrosion to dirt particles from outside the engine area environment. So it never hurts to check the condition of the lubricant and refill the oil dose if it has been reduced.

In the maintenance and repair of factory machines, at least there is a work grouping, namely; the mechanical repair & maintenance section and electrical maintenance & repair section. Therefore, utility maintenance includes, among others, the distribution of cooling water, components, and lubricants (oil). Even though many users think that this utility works and ensures smooth work.

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