Make Your Home Cozy

Make Your Home Cozy

For the newlywed, a home is a place that’s usually being dreamed of. That’s because having a private house will make them feel safer and quieter. However, a comfortable house doesn’t need to be a big one. A small house could be very recommended for newlywed couples. The minimalist home could also save a lot of money. Simply check out this site.

1. At least prepare two bedrooms in the house that’s you’re going to build. This way, you won’t be worried if there are any friends or relatives that are going to stay in your house for a while. Although you and your husband or wife don’t have any child yet, it’s not wrong to prepare one additional room. Don’t forget to build a private bathroom beside it. Then build a living room close to the kitchen in the center of the house. If you are worried that your privacy will be disturbed, this type of home design could be your solution.

2. Build the kitchen and the dining room lined in the front part of the house. Don’t forget to build two rooms in the back part of the house. This way, the privacy of your home will be more protected from visiting guests. If you want to “protect” the privacy of your household from the incoming guests? The minimalist home design could be your choice. Make the living room in the front part of the house, then divide it with the bathroom and the storage. Then make a short alley that’s directed to the two bedrooms in the back part of the house. This way, the minimalist house that you’ve dreamed of will be more comfortable.

3. Although the land is not so wide, don’t forget to build a veranda beside your house. So your spare time will be more relaxed. With a little creativity and design skill, you can make a small home feel wider and a lot of moving spaces. You can choose the smaller-sized furniture and plants to be placed in your small veranda.

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