Metrics for Digital Marketing to Evaluate Your Plan

Metrics for Digital Marketing to Evaluate Your Plan

Digital marketing is currently the main ally of companies wanting to start or expand their online presence. By leveraging tactics like content production, social media spending, and paid advertising, it is possible to not only attract potential consumers but also influence how they proceed through the sales funnel. As you are aware, your digital strategy’s specifics should be designed following the characteristics of your company and your target market. Build your digital strategy with the expert, and check out one of the best services at King Kong agency reviews.

To do this, an analytical technique must be used to determine which components are operating efficiently and which ones need to be optimized. If you want to keep your plan improving and deliver your organization better results, performance indicators are a necessity.

We created this document detailing and describing the key digital marketing indicators to help you achieve this goal.

1. Total Website Visits

In addition to centralizing the most important information about your company, the portal may be used to create a blog, which is crucial for collecting and nurturing leads.

One of the most important Digital Marketing KPIs is Overall Site Visits, which measure the total number of visitors to your website. This signal needs to be carefully observed. In a perfect world, total site visits would increase consistently each week.

2. Channel Traffic

You must take into account where each visitor comes from in addition to understanding how much traffic you receive overall. After all, for your strategy to be effective, you must rely on several different channels, each of which needs to be closely monitored. Sort the traffic sources, then pick the most relevant ones.

For instance, it may be a hint that your SEO approach needs to be adjusted if you discover that only a small percentage of your traffic come through organic search.

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