Music Have Amazing Influences In Video Games

Music Have Amazing Influences In Video Games

Music (or usually sound in general) is usually one of the basic aspects of judging video games. Other aspects include the storyline, gameplay, and graphics. Many people think that the sound and music in the game are the least important aspects compared to the other three aspects. Several things make me think that in-game music is a very important part and far more powerful than music in other media such as movies. Apart from that, if you need some rap beats for your new video game project, you can Buy beats from a good licensing store.

Here are some great influences of music in video games:

Music as an atmosphere builder

The sound effects and music in the gameplay a big role in giving a certain feeling in the game world that we play. This is probably best understood by horror game fans because sometimes graphics alone are not enough to give a tense atmosphere. In addition to the tense atmosphere, fun moments in the game are usually represented by balanced music, just take various types of Chocobo’s Theme from the Final Fantasy series. Another example of how the in-game music helps build the atmosphere is the phenomenal scene of Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy VII, what makes it great is not the moment when Sephiroth stabs Aerith, but when Aerith’s Theme is played.

Music as an icon

Audio can sometimes define things better than visuals. If you want proof, just imagine if Picasso made Chocobo fan-art, it would be very difficult for people to recognize it. But if the same fan-art was shown with Chocobo’s Theme as a background sound, people would have immediately recognized that image as a Chocobo image.

Music is the most memorable thing in the game

The proper term for this one point is perhaps music as machine nostalgia. This point is closely related to the two previous points, where the advantages of music as an atmosphere builder and being an icon for an object can have a huge impact and become a kind of basis for someone to remember the things in question. Not a few gamers put up game soundtracks on their playlists just to reminisce about the game in question. Listening to music from a game often helps us remember moments while playing that game.

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