Often Play Simulator Games, Then Can You Be Good at Driving?

Often Play Simulator Games, Then Can You Be Good at Driving?

Learning to drive a vehicle can now not only be done in the real world but can also be done in cyberspace, through simulator games. This digital game is easy to download by users both on mobile devices and computers. Users of driving simulator games can realistically control cars, either by using a virtual gamepad. It could also be an imitation of a car steering wheel, to present the gear lever, gas pedal, brake, clutch, until the movement in the steering seat feels real.

The driving simulator are actually quite useful for introducing instruments to vehicles and practicing basic skills before learning on the road. Just his basic spatial abilities. For example, spatial imagination will be trained so that it will be easier when parking or actually driving later.

The best way to improve driving skills and skills is with real on-road training accompanied by a certified instructor. Multiple road situations, difficult to interpret through a simulator game. To drive in the real world the conditions are very different from the game. So, often playing simulator games does not determine motor or car driving skills on the road. Riding a motorbike or car is not just a matter of skill, but a mindset and empathy. Maybe playing a simulator game can add a little to your basic driving skills, but that doesn’t mean you’ve ‘graduated’ to be able to drive on public roads.

Driving simulators only hone basic driving skills and are important enough to qualify for a driving license. However, there is no teaching about road driving habits. Basic driving skills are mandatory to get a driver’s license. However, the maturation of driving matters is equally important, related to safety and defensive driving. That’s one of the reasons SIM has an age limit, related to attitude maturity.

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