Prenatal Massage And Its Benefits

Prenatal Massage And Its Benefits

Along with the increased burden on the body during pregnancy, back pain, swelling in several parts of the body, neck pain, and fatigue have the potential to become a problem that is getting more and more frequent for you. However, there’s no need to worry. Because these disorders can be relieved by routine prenatal massage which can also be used as a form of preparation for childbirth. Amazingly, prenatal Malama is not only useful for providing comfort for pregnant women but also has a positive impact on the development of the fetus in the womb.

As the name implies, prenatal massage is a massage that is performed on mothers during pregnancy. Like massage in general, this massage aims to improve blood circulation, relieve soreness in the muscles of the body, and make them more relaxed. This is why prenatal massage is recommended for mothers as a form of preparation for childbirth. However, considering that this massage is carried out on pregnant women, several things need to be considered. Among them are which areas should be massaged and avoided, the readiness of the mother’s body to receive a massage and good posture when massaging.

Regarding prenatal massage, experts say that massage should be done with gentle movements and pressure on areas such as the head, shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, hands, and feet. Conversely, avoid massaging the abdominal area because it is directly related to the uterus and reproductive organs. It is feared that massage in this area will cause the fetus in your womb to be born prematurely. So, instead of massaging, just apply gentle strokes to the abdominal area. Not only calming the mother, but this touch can also be a way of communicating your love for the little one in the womb. Furthermore, related to the readiness of your body for prenatal massage, according to experts, your body is only ready to receive prenatal massage when the womb enters its 3rd month. The massage was done before that was said to be prone to causing miscarriage because the womb was still considered weak. To make sure you are ready to receive a prenatal massage, consult your obstetrician first.

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