Preventing Mould On Carpets

Preventing Mould On Carpets

Mould can damage carpets, so it’s important to clean mould regularly. This fungus gives off a musty smell, and is usually harmful to your health, especially if you have allergies, asthma, or a low immune system. Therefore, you need to deal with the fungus problem in your home as soon as possible. Moulds like warm and humid environments and their spores spread very quickly through the air. That’s why getting rid of mould from your home can be very difficult. The root of the problem most often is leakage or excess moisture. That is why you need to make sure you get professional help provided by carpet cleaning redlands.

However, there are things you could do to prevent mouldy floors and carpets, you must keep all rooms in your home well ventilated. Use a de-humidifier (humidity control) if necessary to reduce humidity in the air. Avoid putting carpets in the bathroom. Use tile or other non-porous material for bathroom floors. Dry the bath mat and towels as soon as they are used to dry them. Wash with hot water with vinegar rinse at least once a week to sanitize it. Ensure that damp items never come into direct contact with the floor, for example, the bottom of a plant pot indoors.

Mould is very damaging to the carpet because it damages the carpet fibres and is very difficult to clean. If your carpet has been wet for more than a few days, for example, due to flooding, or if the wet carpet is larger than 2 square meters, you should ask a professional carpet cleaner for help. Fix things that cause mould (such as a leaky pipe or broken window) before you clean any stains. Because if the cause is not resolved, the problem will still reappear. Wear protective clothing, protective goggles, and face masks. The process of cleaning mushrooms will spread their spores into the air, and you can seriously damage your health if you inhale them. Pay attention to the air ventilation of your room. Make sure the door is closed so mould spores don’t spread to other parts of the house. But keep the windows open to keep air circulating.

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