Pros Of Work From Home You Need To Know

Pros Of Work From Home You Need To Know

Work from home can also help employees to balance the world of work and daily life, especially during a pandemic like this. Working from home is also believed to make work done faster, more effectively, and efficiently. Not only that, but the work from the home system also has drawbacks that must be considered when implementing work from home in a company. In the following, summarizes some of the advantages and disadvantages of work from home.


  1. Save on Expenses

One of the advantages of working from home is that it saves food costs and transportation costs. For those of you who are also often stuck in traffic on the way to work, take advantage of this work from home as best you can. Moreover, by working from home, you can minimize the level of stress you experience.

  1. More Flexible

Working from home does make employees flexible, especially when they are bored at work. You can move from the desk to the living room, terrace, garden, room, or other room in the house that is comfortable for work. Also, working hours are no longer fixed on the 8-5 or 9-6 clock system. Most importantly, when working from home, employees can be responsible for their work.

  1. Get closer to family

Working from home will certainly benefit someone married. It is possible to get the moment to get closer to the family every day. Even so, you still have to limit your work and family at home.

  1. Obtain Job Satisfaction

Decreasing stress levels make job satisfaction increase. When you can complete your job today, of course, you will feel more enthusiastic tomorrow. When you can complete work better and faster, of course, this will increase job satisfaction so that employees become loyal to the company.

  1. Increase Productivity

The first advantage is of course increasing employee productivity. This happens because the level of work stress decreases so that work productivity increases. Several things can cause stress such as traffic jams on the road, piling up work, problems with coworkers, and other problems that are often encountered at the office that cause a lack of morale.

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