Recognize the Symptoms of Depression Thoroughly

Recognize the Symptoms of Depression Thoroughly

Many people are actually experiencing depression, but do not realize it. This may be due to a lack of understanding that the symptoms of depression are not just a feeling of deep sadness. Symptoms of depression can be recognized psychologically, physically, and even in social interactions. In addition to looking sad, someone who is depressed can experience difficulty sleeping, changes in eating patterns, to social problems such as withdrawing. You need to treat depression.

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The following are symptoms of depression in terms of various aspects that affect a person’s life:

Psychological Symptoms
In general, depression can be recognized through a person’s psychological changes. If you currently feel any of the following, it could be that you are experiencing depression.

Deep sad feelings
Worrying and worrying constantly
Loss of interest and motivation in life
Blaming yourself for the problems or events you are facing
Desperate, feeling inferior, and pessimistic for a long time.

At a severe level, people with depression have a tendency to self-harm, even suicidal ideation.

Physical Symptoms
People with depression can also experience physical changes, which can be characterized by the following symptoms.

There is a change in appetite, it can decrease or increase, thus affecting body weight
Having sleep disturbances, such as difficulty falling asleep and/or frequently waking from sleep
Move and talk slower than usual
Feeling sick, but it’s not clear what pain and where
Menstrual cycle changes
Decreased sex drive
Tired easily
Frequent digestive problems, such as heartburn or constipation.

Social symptom
In addition to the symptoms from the psychological and physical aspects above, symptoms of depression can also be recognized from the sufferer’s social interactions. The following are the characteristics of depression symptoms from the social aspect.

Having difficulty building relationships with the surrounding environment, both within the family, friends, and household
Alone, avoiding social contact with people around
Having trouble completing work
Easily angry and offended
Don’t care anymore about hobbies and interests that were previously interesting.

Depression is not only experienced by adults or the elderly, children and adolescents can experience depression. Therefore, it is also important to be aware of the symptoms of depression felt by children and adolescents.

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