Saunas Are Just Like Exercising

Saunas Are Just Like Exercising

When you hear the word sauna, what often comes to mind is relax, relaxation, like a spa. Moreover, the sauna also sometimes closes the spa series. But apparently, the benefits of a Emperor rafts sauna are the same as exercising. If you imagine a sauna means that your blood pressure and heart rate are calm and slow, it turns out that the sauna is very good for the body. Especially if done consistently.

One of the health benefits of saunas is to reduce high blood pressure. This means that the long-term benefits of a sauna are very good for heart health. The benefits of this sauna also make people deliberately join sauna sessions to reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia. The heat received during this sauna session also reduces the stiffness of the blood vessels. A study shows that men who do sauna 4-7 times a week have a 50 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure compared to men who only sauna once a week. Apart from the above research, interesting findings of the benefits of saunas were also found from studies in Finland, the origin of the sauna bath. There were 102 adults aged 40-50 years who participated. Each of them participated in a typical Finnish sauna bath session with a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius. As a result, most of the men who took a steam sauna regularly avoided the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s compared to those who rarely tried the sauna. The benefits of the sauna can help lower high blood pressure and the blood vessels are also more elastic. Meanwhile, their heart rate, which was originally 65 beats per minute, became 81 beats per minute.

Is it true that the sauna can lose weight?

Another assumption that is also widely developed is the benefits of saunas for weight loss. This is a misunderstood concept. When a person goes to a sauna session, there is no muscle movement. This means that there are no movements that cause weight loss. What about the sweat that is released during the sauna session? It’s just a liquid that the body releases from the heat in the sauna room. That’s why after a sauna session, you should immediately consume fluids to rehydrate the body.

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