Some Of These Simple Tricks To Make Photos More Attractive

Some Of These Simple Tricks To Make Photos More Attractive

Taking photos is easy, but not everyone can take good photos. The fotografo profesional can capture aesthetic images and also have a special value for photo connoisseurs. To be able to take good photos, you have to learn a lot of things from composition, lighting, to basic camera techniques. Of course, all of this requires a long learning process.

However, did you know some simple tricks can make your photos look better? This trick can also be done using a cellphone and is very easy to do.

Here are five special tricks that can make your photos better than ever:

1. Tilt shooting angle
The technique of tilting the shooting angle is the most basic thing that can make your photos look more attractive. Usually, the object of the photo can be tilted up to 45 degrees to make it look more attractive. By tilting the shooting angle, the photos you take will seem less boring than before.

2. Bokeh
Bokeh is a photographic term for the blur effect on the photo background. The blur effect can be presented by bringing the camera closer to the object and finding the closest focus point. Or you can also use a photo processing application to display the blur effect.

3. Vignettes
Just like bokeh, a vignette is a photographic term for the dark or light effect that appears around the edges of a photo. These effects arise from the use of lenses of poor quality or do not match the camera.

In some cases, a vignette can display a more artistic photo effect and can emphasize objects. On mobile, the vignette effect can be displayed through the Adobe Lightroom Mobile application.

4. HDR
HDR or high dynamic range is the next step if you want to produce photos that are more interesting and different from other photos. HDR will provide high color contrast so photos can look different from the original version. HDR effects are also commonly found in various photo processing applications.

5. Display black and white photos
When color photos are getting easier to take, some people prefer black and white photos because they show a more attractive classic feel. You can also take advantage of this by converting the photo to black and white. The average photo processing application has this facility, even filters on Instagram can also process photos into black and white so you should have no trouble doing it.

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