The characteristics of a good and healthy MLM business

The characteristics of a good and healthy MLM business

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) such as Jeunesse Global is a business model that is widely used in the form of selling goods and services as well as investing to attract participants with attractive returns. The beginning of this business model was used to market goods to make them more efficient. MLM is much more attractive than traditional businesses because the products are marketed directly to the customer without going through a long distribution network. The MLM business emphasizes the efficiency of a long marketing line so that distribution costs from factories to customers can be reduced and shared with distributors fairly.

MLM businesses encounter many pros and cons in the community because there are several companies under the guise of MLM, known as Money Game. This business is usually without products offered, if any, the products are not of high quality. In addition, those who join first always get big profits, so those who join later suffer losses. The number of businesses like this in society makes a lot of people become victims. The MLM business has developed, so many MLMs are standing. But unfortunately, most of the MLMs that exist do not have a clear product. So, MLM is considered negative because most of them move as a Money Game company that only prioritizes membership, not selling products with MLM marketing methods which ultimately makes the MLM business tarnished in the eyes of the public and the public becomes skeptical.

The following are the characteristics of a good and healthy MLM business:

Has a Fair System for All Members
A good MLM business will benefit all hard-working members, whether they join first or later. For example, you first join the MLM business and do not work, but your downline is working hard to build a network, then what will be successful is your downline. A system like this will make more members because the system is very fair for all members. MLM businesses that are not healthy will apply a system of people who join first will be more successful than people who join later. So that the members who join later, will be difficult to succeed.

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