The Great UV Ink Showdown: Mimaki LUS-120 vs. LUS-170

The Great UV Ink Showdown: Mimaki LUS-120 vs. LUS-170

Decisions, decisions, decisions! In the diverse universe of UV inks, two stars shine brightly, challenging us with a delightful dilemma: Mimaki LUS-120 and its equally impressive cousin, LUS-170. Both stellar, both remarkable, but which one fits snugly into your printing aspirations? Buckle up as we set out on an exploratory ride through the quirks, features, and wonders of these two inks.

Mimaki LUS-120 – The Flexible Virtuoso:
A cornerstone of the LUS series, LUS-120 is celebrated for its flexibility. Got a surface that bends, stretches, or contorts? This ink won’t flinch. With a resilience reminiscent of a gymnast, it bends without cracking, making it a prime choice for substrates like vinyl and other materials that demand a touch of elasticity.

LUS-170 – The Rigid Maestro:
On the other end of the spectrum, LUS-170 comes dancing with its signature trait: rigidity. Think of it as the sturdy oak to LUS-120’s supple willow. If you’re printing on substrates that need a firm and durable print, like glass, acrylic, or certain metals, LUS-170 stands tall and unyielding.

Color Brilliance and Both:
When it comes to color vibrancy, it’s a tie! Both inks deliver prints that make colors pop, ensuring your designs are brought to life with unmatched brilliance. Whether it’s a deep blue of the ocean or the fiery red of a sunset, both inks ensure every hue shines in its full glory.

Another neck-and-neck arena is their environmental consideration. Both inks champion eco-friendliness with UV-curable properties that reduce the need for harmful solvents. So, whichever ink you lean towards, the planet gives a nod of approval.

So, How Do You Choose?:
In essence, the choice boils down to the nature of your project. Are you venturing into printing materials that bend and flex often? LUS-120 is your ally. However, if you’re diving into projects that demand rigid and steadfast prints, LUS-170 stands ready.

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