The Importance Of Speaker In Audio Visual Room

The Importance Of Speaker In Audio Visual Room

One of the most important parts of the audio video solution is a speaker. Speakers in meeting rooms are usually used for speech. For example, in large meeting rooms owned by companies, the rooms can be divided or combined. When combined, its use will become more complicated, and this must be known in advance, to what extent the event is. Several options for speakers, one of which is to use ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are placed on the roof of the ceiling and these speakers can provide good sound in rooms with poor acoustics.

The drawback is that the ceiling speaker feels less natural because it seems as if you hear sound from above, and not from the front, while humans are used to hearing sound from the front. This problem can be solved by using a column array. Column array technology can still give a natural effect, especially if the meeting room does not have a ceiling. With a meeting room that is not too big, we can use the soundbar. Solutions like this are quite cost-effective. In addition, it can also have active speakers. For example, if we are not bothered with the installation, then we can use portable speakers. Then there is also a lineup from Electro-Voice which is very multipurpose. The appearance is very good and can be placed in medium to large sized meeting rooms.

The next tool is the signal processor. This signal processor is a very important tool in a meeting room. The signal processor can be divided into the dynamic processor, crossover, or equalizer. In the past, we still separated all of its functions, but over time, digital speaker management emerged. So these functions are combined into one, namely digital speaker management.

The difference is, that the digital sound processor has a pre-amp for the microphone, it can be used for PC inputs or so on, while the speaker management cannot. In a simple and integrated meeting room, we can use an open processor architecture. This device can be controlled by a third party, but the price is quite expensive.

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