The Needs For Scaffolding Must Be Calculated Carefully

The Needs For Scaffolding Must Be Calculated Carefully

Scaffolding serves to support the load of building equipment or humans, as well as to maintain the safety of people who are under construction. It’s because of its useful function to maintain the safety of workers, scaffolding is currently very much needed in every construction, especially in the construction of tall buildings and simple buildings. In the past, workers tended to use bamboo scaffolding that was manually made, but with scaffolding now everything is more efficient, especially in the construction of terraced houses and in the wall painting process. Meanwhile, before we continue, perhaps you need to call the best aluminium scaffold tower company near your location to rent high-quality scaffolding.

In general, scaffolding is shaped like a modular system made of metal pipes or tubes. Unlike the case with the need for scaffolding in tall buildings, when using scaffolding, of course, you have to use precise calculations so that project costs can be measured clearly.

In the process of calculating the construction of blocks and floor plates, the thing to pay attention to is to make the blocks first. First of all, calculate the scaffolding requirements required for the beam. Then, also calculate the needs of the floor plate. Do not forget that there must be space used to install the scaffolding.

After that, also calculate the height of the building structure. The results obtained from this process will show how many levels of scaffolding that need to be used. So, it can be seen whether more than one series of scaffolding is needed to support the building work process.

Once you know the length and height of the location, divide it by the length of the scaffolding, which is 1.8 meters. As for the height figure, you can divide it by the standard scaffolding height, which is 1.7 meters. The need for scaffolding can be seen from the length and height results of the calculation and the required amount of scaffolding will be obtained.

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