These 5 Dashcams Functions Are Extremely Important

These 5 Dashcams Functions Are Extremely Important

The important dashcam function makes it an important feature for a car to have best dashcam with gps. There are quite a few reasons that make you have to install it immediately. However, if you are confused with your choice now, you can read the best dash cam reviews before you buy one.

Here are 5 dashcams functions you should know:

1. Acquiring strong evidence of an accident

If we get into an accident or hit someone, if these unwanted things happen, this car camera recording is useful as evidence.

For example, when the collision case was brought to the realm of law. You and the authorities can clearly see the chronology of the accident. It is said that the camera will save the recording 4 hours back before an event occurs.

2. It can simplify insurance policy claims in the event of an accident

Apart from being evidence for the police, recordings on car cameras can also be used to claim accident insurance. The insurance claim process is known to be quite complicated if you don’t have strong evidence for the incident that occurred. Remember, this can only be done by those of you who subscribe to accident insurance.

You only need to provide a recording of the incident at your insurance place, then they will carry out an investigation into the cause of the accident.

3. It serves as a surveillance camera

It was mentioned earlier that there are also car cameras that record the interior of the vehicle. You, who are often driven everywhere by the driver, can monitor his activities when he is not with you. If there is an incident of theft or robbery, the recording can be useful too!

4. The car camera doubles as a GPS

Generally, you don’t have to buy a separate GPS if you intend to install a dashcam. However, you must make sure that the dashcam that you want to buy has a GPS feature before you buy it.

5. It does not consume a lot of energy

Behind its excellent function, Dashcam doesn’t require a lot of energy. The camera is equipped with an internal battery. On the other hand, you can charge the battery by plugging the cable into the lighter hole in the vehicle.

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