These Are Health Problems Because Of Excessive Meat Consumption

These Are Health Problems Because Of Excessive Meat Consumption

Although it is very beneficial for the body, eating too much meat can still hurt health. Ranging from minor complaints to serious and life-threatening. Therefore if you wish to reduce animal meat consumption or go full vegan, we suggest you visit to buy bean-based meats.

Excessive consumption of meat is not very good for health. It’s because this can lead to the following conditions:

1. Bad breath

Eating too much meat can cause bad breath or halitosis. This condition can occur because meat contains a lot of protein, which will later be converted into ketones. Ketones are the culprit for bad breath.

2. Constipation

Constipation can also occur in people who eat mostly meat. Therefore, meat has almost no fiber, so your digestive tract can be “clogged”. Worse yet, the presence of meat on the dining table also often makes people forget to eat vegetables.

Due to insufficient fiber intake, constipation can no longer be avoided. If constipation is not treated immediately, the risk of hemorrhoids will soar.

3. You get thirsty easily

Excessive consumption of meat will build up nitrogen – which is the result of protein breakdown – in the blood. The body will try to remove excess nitrogen, one of which is through urine.

If the nitrogen level is too high, the water that leaves the body through the urine will also be a lot. If it is not balanced with drinking enough water, dehydration can no longer be avoided.

4. Weight gain

Eating meat high in fat can increase your weight and cholesterol levels. Meat that is low in fat can also cause weight gain, especially when too much is entered into the body.

5. High cholesterol

Improper processing of meat, such as frying it or using a lot of coconut milk, can increase cholesterol levels in it. If you consume it in excess, what will happen then is high cholesterol.

High cholesterol is usually asymptomatic. However, in some cases, this condition can cause headaches, neck discomfort, tingling or numbness, and pain in the chest.

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