These Are The Common Tools To Deal With Fire In Building Aside From A Fire Extinguisher

These Are The Common Tools To Deal With Fire In Building Aside From A Fire Extinguisher

Often we hear the news about a building’s fire whether it is the cause, this is certainly very detrimental in terms of cost or even life, not to mention if the building is a place to store important documents, then the loss of documents can be disastrous for an agency whether private and the government that uses the building. Here we will try to discuss to know what tools are usually used in a building to deal with fires. Additionally, you may also want to know about the best service fire equipment, especially if your products are flammable.

Here are the tools that you must know:

Fire prevention signs
Although fire prevention signs seem trivial, their functions are quite large in preventing fire hazards, such as smoking ban signs, smoking areas, fire evacuation routes, etc.

Wet cloth
This is an alternative means that is very useful to extinguish the fire quickly and easily, for example when the gas stove in the pantry room suddenly flares up, closing it with a wet cloth can be a solution to the initial outage.

Hydrant Box
Its function is almost the same as a fire extinguisher tube but the water volume is bigger, the hydrant box is usually placed inside or outside the building.

Smoke detector functions as a tool that automatically turns on the alarm when it detects the presence of fire smoke, this is one of the things that causes a ban on smoking in buildings such as malls or offices, because if there is a lot of smoke in the room, it has the potential to damage the smoke detector performance. In the meantime, you may want to know the best fire extinguisher sales if you need to buy decent and affordable fire extinguishers for your building.

In addition, buildings are also usually fitted with a tool called Sprinkler. This tool is a tool that is placed at the end of a sprinkler pipe installation, the working principle is like a thermometer, which can expand, if the hot temperature gets bigger it will break due to heat, if it is like this then the water will spurt flow to extinguish the fire source.

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