Tools for Performing SEO Optimization

Tools for Performing SEO Optimization

Search results might not appear right away. This is because the Search engine optimization process is not as simple and as easy as imagined. You might want to learn more about SEO on White Labeling Nation Coub. Search engines have three main tasks in conducting searches on-demand, including:

Crawling is responsible for gathering information from all websites. Page one to another page, and link one to another link.

If you have already gathered information, then the web crawler will store the information in the entry list: index.

The search engine will display content according to the search results that best match the ranking in sequence.

So that the quality of search results can be guaranteed, search engines use a set of rules and rules commonly called algorithms. This search engine algorithm will ensure that people who use the internet can get relevant information from a variety of trusted sources.

The following tools are often used for SEO Optimization:

This tool is a paid tool that is very powerful for you to use for keyword research, find out backlinks, see the position of the articles you write on google searches, find out competitors ‘keywords, find out competitors’ backlinks.
With these Ahrefs tools, you are enough to monitor and monitor the progress of your website’s SEO. You need to know if this tool is not cheap, and must be paid every month.

Google keyword planner
This tool is a free tool that has been provided by Google. With this tool, you can find out the keywords and the number of search volumes.

SEO Quake
This tool is a plugin on Google Chrome, you can install it here, with this SEOquake you can see your competitors’ traffic for free and very easily.

With this tool, you can see the Alexa Global rank of competitor’s website, find out the number of competitor visitors, find out the competitor’s bounce rate, monthly visit, page per visit, and competitor’s average session duration.

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