Treatment for Your Goats

Treatment for Your Goats

Goats need at least a 3-sided cage facing south, which will keep them protected from the wind. Goats will use the place to shelter from things like heat and rain. The cage should be well ventilated, but not too drafty. Provide a bed of straw in the pen to provide comfort for the goat. Goats can live in small cages or large dog houses. You can use a concrete floor on the cage for easy maintenance. However, such floors are expensive and must be covered with soft straw. You can also learn more on Christian Homesteading website.

Provide entertainment for the goats. Goats are very intelligent animals and will throw a tantrum if they feel bored. Entertainment can be boulders, climbable slopes, or recycling bins. Goats are very happy to climb and stick their heads on these objects. Anything you place in the pen should be sturdy and not harmful to the goat, such as spikes sticking out. Provide toys and treats to keep the goat active.

Goats must have clean water at all times. Use a heavy water container as the goat can turn it over. Check the water at least 2 times a day, and more often when the weather is extreme. In winter (if you live in a country with 4 seasons), you may need to provide water throughout the day if the temperature is below freezing. You can also buy freeze-resistant water containers at a farm store. Provide a variety of plants in the grazing area. These can be weeds, grasses, vines, and other greenery. Goats even love to eat thorny plants like wild roses! If there isn’t much variety in your grazing, you can propagate seeds for weeds such as dandelion. Plant shrubs along the edge of the fence because goats like to graze in that area. You can also provide forage of plants that goats love.

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