Understand Why Wedding Rings Are Worn On The Ring Finger

Understand Why Wedding Rings Are Worn On The Ring Finger

The use of a wedding ring is a symbol of love for husband and wife. Even the wedding ring is also a symbol of commitment and love, which has a unique story. There is often a debate on which hand the wedding ring should be worn, whether it is on the right or left hand. But you need to know that, whether worn on the right hand or the left hand, a wedding ring will not be able to change the meaning of marriage. But what is certain is that in general, wedding rings will always be worn on the ring finger. This, of course, is based on strong reasons and the use of rings, this will be different from rings for weddings and rings for engagement. Because usually, the engagement ring will be in the left-hand position. For those of you who are planning to buy a ring for your fiancé, you will probably like the custom engagement rings, where you can ask for what you want it.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to know the reason why the use of a wedding ring must be on the right hand and the ring finger is located, then you can read this entire article. One of the reasons is because it is the meeting of the palms of your hands with the fingertips intertwined. If your hands are parallel, try to open your thumbs. This thumb symbolizes your relationship with your parents.

However, when you will marry your partner then of course you will enter a new life and build a new family. It’s the same with the index and little fingers which symbolize siblings and children. At the same time, the ring finger can not be separated. Therefore, the ring finger represents the husband and wife relationship.

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