VPN Function for Internet Security

VPN Function for Internet Security

Data security along with the development of technology today is one thing that must be considered. In the old days alone to maintain network security between office buildings already using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. Now free vps host also still exist, but don’t compare the old VPN the same as free vps hosts today, it’s different. For now, the use of the free vps hosted application is no stranger, widely used by internet users around the world. The goal is want to get a connection to an internet network that is safer, private, and can change the connection path. In everyday use, an easy example if you use a VPN service whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer connected to a VPN service. Usually, the location of the VPN server computer used is in a different Country location, for example in the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The technology in VPN (Virtual Private Network) has 3 main functions for each user. The first VPN function is considered a problem of data. Of course, the public network that we use today is very vulnerable to the main crime is data theft. Especially for businesses such as online stores, e-commerce, and banking that are very vulnerable to data theft. So that by using a VPN can be more secure data privately and with additional encryption, so security is increased. Data Integrity or data integrity becomes the second VPN function. VPN will ensure that the data sent will be following user requests. No party can change, destroy, delete or manipulate data so that no party is harmed. In the VPN there are also features to ensure that data is sent intact to get to the destination.

The last VPN function is authentication of source sender. VPN will do a detailed inspection of incoming data and retrieve information from where the data comes from. Then the data source will be authenticated if the data source is correct and approved. VPN will guarantee that the data sent is from a clear source and that no data is falsified or manipulated by irresponsible parties. VPN is now one of the must-have applications to secure all your data. Speaking of price, VPN is currently relatively cheap, compared to the security features you will get.

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