What Is The Right Strategy To Get Profits When The Market Index Is Down?

What Is The Right Strategy To Get Profits When The Market Index Is Down?

When the index like NASDAQ100 is sluggish, the main thing you need in trading is to have calm psychology. You need this so that you are not in a hurry to buy stocks (bad momentum), and don’t choose the wrong stocks for trading. I often encounter traders who can’t wait to trade when the market is sluggish. In the end, the trader buys stocks with bad patterns, but on the one hand, there are many other stocks that are currently under development and have more potential opportunities for traders. A trader’s uneasiness will lead to making wrong decisions so that traders can buy stocks with patterns that are not so good and they have the potential to go down. That’s why during these conditions, traders need to be decisive and cautious at the same time. In addition, if you really want to test your decision-making ability with NASDAQ 100, perhaps you want to visit http://www.nas100brokers.com/strategy.html to find a suitable strategy for you.



Then, remember that stock prices don’t always go down. When the price of many shares goes down, sooner or later the stock will experience a technical rebound, so this is your chance to make a profit by buying shares at a low price. When the index like NAS100 is sluggish and many stocks are down, choose stocks that have the potential to rebound. This is because not all stocks that have long corrections have a chance to go up quickly. Therefore, in a sluggish market condition, analyze and choose stocks that are easy to rebound, both from chart patterns and liquidity.

After that, try trading at the right momentum: Buy gradually or wait and see. A sluggish market doesn’t mean you have to buy stocks right away. In order to get profit, you also have to do an analysis so that you get the right trading momentum. If you are not sure that your chosen stocks will go up, you can wait and see (waiting for the green index) if the stocks have been discounted, or you can buy in stages. It may be necessary so you don’t spend all your capital in sluggish market conditions.

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