When The Neighbor’s Landscape Looks More Green

When The Neighbor’s Landscape Looks More Green

We can be jealous of seeing the greener landscape of our neighbor’s yard when we see that the manila grass in your front yard is not as green and fertile as the neighbor’s. No need to worry, we will explain the secret behind this beautiful garden, so check out the explanation in this article. However, before we continue, if you wish to improve your landscape, you can hire New Orleans outdoor living contractor.

Why do we want to have a beautiful garden at home?

When you come out of the room and see the green and lush expanse of garden sure to make a feeling of being good, really soothing to our eyes, however small it must be more attractive than the cement floor of the whole yard, for some people the garden and the house are a picture of the owner himself, the front is the part that you want to show to others, the lively plants also describe a person’s enthusiasm for something and the taste they have, while the inside is intended to provide comfort for the inhabitants.

Get to know plants

There is a general term that we understand together “don’t know, don’t love” this also applies to the world of gardening, for example planting sacred plants in a shady yard and hoping it will flower, but never blooming, it turns out that lotus needs full light to be able to produce flowers, this knowledge will make it easier for you to choose the right plants in the ideal environment.

Getting to know the land

Soil is an important element for plants, although some plants do not need soil as a source of nutrients, such as epiphytic plants in general, we know clay, sandy and humic, each of the soils has advantages and disadvantages, for example, clay, soil This type has a small particle size, causes the bonds between particles to be so high, in the end, it makes water not flow, plants that are stagnant by water continuously cannot perform photosynthesis because the roots do not get carbon dioxide and vice versa in sandy soil, understanding the concept of soil ideal can avoid drought or rot submerged in water.

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