You Can Do These Steps To Deal With Negative Reviews On Your Online Business

You Can Do These Steps To Deal With Negative Reviews On Your Online Business

In the world of online business, you must know that reviews and trust from consumers are very important. Well, even though we have tried our best to provide the best service and product quality, it is not impossible that bad reviews will still come. If you want to know more ways to deal with reviews, you can go to immediately.

Upset? Certainly. But you need to be calm. If you get a bad review on your social media account or marketplace account, please try the steps below:

Give Immediate Response

When you find negative comments or reviews about your online shop, the first thing that is most important for you to do is to immediately respond. A response is given as soon as possible will prevent this negative review from developing randomly and affecting other potential customers. A quick response can also regain trust in potential customers who have read the negative comments. Then what response can you give? It’s simple, you can give a neutral and non-reactive response to the complaints given. You can start by asking for the order number or date of the order and then the problems experienced by the consumer. Don’t forget to say that you will immediately check the complaint with the internal team. That way, you look swift in dealing with consumers. Never ignore negative comments given by consumers so as not to damage the business reputation.

Listen to Complaints Objectively

No human being is perfect as well as a system that you use for business. Try to accept every complaint raised by consumers with a cool head and graceful chest. If there is an error made by your team or the system, immediately apologize and correct the mistakes that have been made. Show these consumers and potential consumers who can certainly read the review if you and your team have good intentions to change and always try to provide the best for consumers.

Ask for Contact Number

Don’t make it a habit to keep replying to comments on social media, especially if the problems experienced by consumers are quite complicated. Immediately ask for the consumer’s contact number so that your internal team can contact you. Solve the problem offline, and if everything is finished you can provide the latest updates through your social media.

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