You Must Know This To Avoid Trouble When Camping

You Must Know This To Avoid Trouble When Camping

Camping can mean scorching heat or rain floods, mosquitoes and leeches, poisonous mushrooms, and poison ivy. In other words: not all camping areas are created equal. Not many people know that the campsite environment plays a vital role in the success of your camping adventure. Aside from that, you can also visit to search for more tips to find good camping sites.

Learn deeply about your destination, how the plant ecosystem, and animal life (presence or absence of wild animals) before you go camping, by browsing the campsite’s official website or on online forums. Official campsites can also provide you with and general information about the rules and regulations of the camping area, costs, and the life of the flora and fauna within it.

The area where you put the tent pegs is also important to study in advance. Beginner campers are often trapped in non-strategic camping areas — devoid of shade, grass, and other areas of camper traffic. A good tent area has shade (twigs or large trees), grass, and level ground.

Additionally, bring a compass and manual map — as well as the ability to use them — and use GPS as an alternative reinforcement (which is unreliable in the wild and easily damaged). Nor do you easily believe in the folk myth that moss growing on the north side of a tree means that the sun will rise on the east side of the tree, and walking the river downstream ensures civilization. Moss grows in damp places, and the sun can only be seen rising in the east if you are at a certain altitude.

Furthermore, don’t forget to bring a lighter. While you can hunt for twigs and trash to make a fire, it’s always better not to rely on resources you’re not sure you have.

However, making a fire in the camp area also has its rules. For example, don’t make a fire in the shade of a low tree, don’t leave a bonfire burning unattended, and turn off the fire before going to bed.

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